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Everyone goes through slumps.

We’ve all been there. You want and need to get things done but you just can’t tap into the inspiration and motivation to get moving.

So you hold off until tomorrow. Yet, still nothing.

Tomorrow turns into days, weeks, or months.

However, you can get out of the funk… and even prevent the next one!

Do You Ever Get Into A Funk?

Chances are you are nodding your head, “Yes.” What’s really important to know is that it’s completely natural to get into a funk, or a slump, or a season, whatever you want to call it.

Sometimes things just feel heavy, whether it’s in your personal life, professional life, or perhaps things going on in the world. You might be telling yourself, “I should know better” or “I shouldn’t feel like this.”

It’s normal no matter who you are, even if you own a personal development company!

If you heard our earlier podcast episodes, you know that Rich is a big fan of “RSA” as he coined it. (Ridiculously Small Actions) Small disciplines, tiny actions that you always do to gain confidence and momentum can make a big difference when you are sliding into a slump or need to dig your way out.

Leaning on these small daily habits or action steps help you get re-inspired and motivated even when you’re totally not feeling it.

Please Don’t Do This

If there’s one thing to avoid, which so many people fall into the trap of doing, is beating yourself up about it and judging yourself. It’ll just throw you on a downward spiral.

Don’t “should” on yourself, thinking you should do this, or shouldn’t have done that, or should feel better… the list goes on and these negative thoughts just pull you down further into the funk.

Sometimes when we are forced to change our routine and normal lifestyle it can pull us into a funk. I recently had surgery and had to stay in our dark bedroom recovering. I was so far out of my routine and high vibe activities that I started to feel that funk coming on.

But instead of letting myself slide, I joined Team RSA for awhile. Those ridiculously small actions, like eating high vibe foods, drinking lots of water, and listening to high vibe things helped avoid the funk.

In the Unstoppable Influence Academy we recently had the theme of the month “Good Vibrations” where I talked about how we can stay high vibe when we start to feel in a low vibe state.

When you are presented with situations, such as surgery, where you must adapt to changes in your routine, even temporarily, you can lean on those ridiculously small actions to help get you back in the saddle.

Slumps Can Come After Achieving Big Things

This is something that people often don’t think about until it hits and it can hit hard if you aren’t prepared. Really positive events in life can have us riding a high vibe wave but in order to keep momentum we need to plan how to respond when that euphoric state ends.

Creating some structure regarding “what’s next” can help you avoid the funk.

I’ve experienced this firsthand. We are approaching 9 years since I stepped away from my full time law practice and remember all the celebration and excitement, then for a few months after that having that feeling of not knowing what’s next.

You hit the big goal… but what now?

After being guilty of a lack of momentum, I realized how important it is to come up with a plan. I like to book my calendar so I have no choice but to keep moving forward. It helps me stay in, or get back into the flow of things.

So What Can YOU Do?

There are so many things you can do to get back to that high vibe space and regain your momentum. Find what works for you.

We suggest listening to podcasts or high vibe music, or go for a walk or run, or listen while you walk or run! Have a conversation or spend time with a high vibe friend. Ground yourself, go barefoot in the grass. Take an epsom salt bath or a hot shower. Eat high vibe foods. Declutter something in your home. Create a to-do list and knock out some of the things on it. If there is something that has been weighing on you, get that done so it’s not hanging over your head anymore.

Just recognize that it’s normal to get in a funk and that you can and will get out of it, and can prevent it next time, one ridiculously small action at a time!

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