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Even when there’s a story to share, so many of us wonder if it’s really worth sharing? Will anyone listen? Will they care?

The truth is you don’t know who is out there needing the message you have to share in the way that YOU share it.

Stepping up and speaking out can be life changing for you AND for the people who need your words.

The Nerves are Normal

It’s not uncommon to be nervous about sharing your message. If you feel in your heart that you have a story inside you, but are hesitant about how it will be received, or afraid to be vulnerable, know that you are certainly not alone.

We just recently held our Author/Speaker Workshop in Franklin, Tennessee. We had about 20 attendees and each was to share a 5 minute vignette.

Several of our attendees were gearing up to audition for Influencer Talks for our upcoming Unstoppable Influence Summit this October.

You could see the nervousness in the room. They were wondering if they were good enough and if their story was worth sharing.

Each and every one of them stepped up and did it anyway. There were tears and laughter throughout the day, along with heads nodding in agreement, and many “aha moments” as well. They day wrapped up with these incredible women feeling proud and grateful to have stepped out of their comfort zones despite the nervousness.

Envision the Bigger Picture

So many people think, “Who would want to hear from me? I’m not a professional author or speaker.” But the truth is, none of us were born a professional. We all start somewhere, often at square one.

I saw a motivational video with a line I’ll never forget. It said, “Stop trying to be all things to all people, and focus on being someone to somebody.”

Though it may sometimes feel that way, we are not required to be all things to all people. There are certain people who will need your message. YOU matter.

The way you have done life and your lessons and experiences are unique to you, and that can serve in helping someone else.

We are the experts of our own story. Within our stories are messages that can serve as a blueprint for someone on a similar path, or facing a similar situation in their own life. When we are called to be a vessel, we have to write the book or speak the words that someone else needs to hear.

We build it up in our own mind that what we have to say doesn’t matter. That’s what keeps us from doing the things that will make an impact on others. Yet, when you break that fear barrier, you’ll start to see that your words and experiences DO matter and they can help someone else in their time of need.

Little Tips That Make A Big Difference

When worried about sharing their message, people often tend to think about themselves. They focus on their nervousness, fear, worry, or feeling of imposter syndrome.

Instead of shining the light on yourself, shine on those who may need to hear your words. Think about them and recognize that it may help someone, even if it’s someone you have never met.

If you are writing your book or preparing your words, check your space. Make sure you aren’t in the midst of clutter on your desk or have a mile long to-do list next to you. You want your space to align with your flow of thoughts.

You may also want to ask for guidance, especially if you are feeling stuck.

If the words aren’t flowing after doing those things, accept that maybe it’s not time yet. There may be times the words just do not flow the way you want them to.

I’ve had things happen and wasn’t able to write, and when I did sit down to write it just wasn’t coming to me. However, another day I tried after listening to certain podcasts and praying on it, and it just flowed right out. It was the right time.

If you are like Rich, you can even compare it to college, when you have a paper and can’t seem to write it until the moment you “have to.”

The words flow when they are meant to. Once they do, it’s our responsibility to get them out there to the world.

The Truth About Vulnerability

There’s a common misconception that once we are vulnerable it will come easily after that.

I, as well as many others, will admit that I always have to step through my fear barrier.

Recently, I mentioned in my neighborhood that I wrote a book. Close to 20,000 have read my words, yet I still had to step through the fear barrier in giving a copy to my neighbor.

They loved it and I felt great that my words touched them, but it did require me to cross my fear barrier. Yet, it is worth it every time!

It’s so meaningful to hear that someone needed to hear what you had to say when and how you said it. We need to remind ourselves over and over how important it is to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and share our message, especially when that fear and doubt creep in.

Your Message is Greater than Your Fear

So many stop themselves, but what if your words can change a life? What if your life and the ways you navigated different circumstances and challenges can help others grow in incredible ways?

Isn’t it worth it?

Take the focus off yourself. It’s not about how nervous, scared, or vulnerable you are. Focus on what others may need to hear. You are blessed with the opportunity to grow and help others grow as well.

So write the book. Speak the words. Do the thing.

We have testimonials that show the tremendous life changes that have come from sharing our message. From individuals contemplating suicide, people in the depths of grief, marriages that almost ended, people hitting rock bottom after years of abuse…

If I hadn’t taken action, these people wouldn’t have heard the words when they needed to hear them.

I didn’t even feel qualified.  I didn’t think my story mattered. Years ago, if you told me my message could make such an impact, I’d tell you “wrong girl,” and I’d list all the reasons why.

I did it anyway, and lives were transformed.

Our Creator qualifies the unqualified.

So let’s share our message and do our part to make this world better.

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