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So many of us spend our lives playing small.

Even when we have big dreams, we aren’t always sure how to take action on them and think in alignment with those dreams.

It’s time to take it beyond just dreaming and start thinking BIG in a way that will make all the difference!

Staying in the Zone

Thinking Big is more than just having big goals and dreams. It’s more than hoping, wishing, and envisioning what you want.

You may be so “busy” with life, allocating your time to work, family, the day to day routine, and those goals and dreams get put on the backburner for weeks or years, or even indefinitely.

So how do we think big in a way that we can stay at the forefront of the goals and dreams we have for ourselves and stop allowing the go, go, go of life to take all of our time and energy?

There is magic in thinking big and the life changing effects it can have. There’s even a book on it called, “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz. In that book he says, “Busyness is an alibi for mediocrity.”

That one really makes you think, right?

It’s a pretty powerful realization when you look at all that you can accomplish and seek for opportunities to move in the direction of your goals if you stop throwing away previous moments by being too busy, since much of our busyness is compiled of unnecessary things that do not serve us anyway, such as worry, negativity, and mundane tasks.

There are ways to not only think big, but get yourself back on track when you find yourself falling back into the trap of playing small.

Rich has a great tool that he calls the Personal Empowerment Line, but you can call it whatever you want, depending on what it is that YOU want in your life. It may be a peace line, a cash line, or a thinking big line.

Envision your line. Everything you want is above that line, so your thoughts need to remain above the line as well. Sometimes you’ll need to review your thoughts, periodically or even in the moment.

I suggest a tool to help you with this. When you are in that good state and above the line, create a list of what can get you there when needed. This way when you fall below your line, you don’t start judging and blaming yourself. Rather you consult your list and use that to snap yourself right back into your space above the line. You want to remain above your line as much as possible.

How do you WANT to feel?

How about all those moments in life that made you feel at the top of your game? Everyone has their own stories of the times they felt happiest and living at their best.

Create yourself a highlight reel of the moments that make you feel most alive so that you can tap into it whenever needed. A simple 30 second vision can help bring you right back into that feeling and change your entire trajectory that quickly.

You can call it your thought bank, story bank, or vision bank. Keep your greatest moments and feelings there, and make a withdrawal whenever you want!

It’s not about the HOW

I didn’t have the easiest time convincing my “lawyer-brain” of this. I, like many people, felt the need to see the HOW in order to trust that things would play out.

You get to a point where you don’t need to think hard about thinking big. With practice and the right tools, it will start to come naturally to the point where you have conscious competence.

Once you recognize that we live in the world of the amazingly possible you start to see that the possibilities are endless and that the how comes at the perfect time.

It’s like getting eye glasses or cleaning a dirty window and looking through. Once you see and once you know,  you cannot unsee and cannot un-know. You recognize the beauty and possibility. You know that it’s out there and one way or another, you can and will reach it.

A World of Big Thinkers

Big thinkers are everywhere, but small thinkers are, too. It’s imperative to surround yourself with the big thinkers as much as possible. You know who they are… the ones who will get excited about your ideas, brainstorm with you, help you when they can and celebrate the successes along with you.

Not all people will do that. Be prepared for negative feedback from some people. There will be some who shoot down your big ideas and come up with a ton of excuses as to why you shouldn’t or can’t. Certain people will not understand and that’s ok. Rather than spending time trying to convert them, this is where you watch your highlight reel and do what it takes to stay above your line.

Fill your world with as many big thinkers as you can. Those are the people who will join into your vision of what CAN be.

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