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We’re going to share how to get yourself up and into action. We each have very effective, and very different strategies to share.

If you are tired of the standstill, join us and let us know which tool you are going to utilize, and whether you are Team Rich or Team Natasha!

The Creation of the Vision

One of the biggest stumbling blocks people face on their journey to designing their best life is that initial step. We sit around thinking about things, dreaming about them, and knowing we need to create momentum, but the step of actually starting can freeze you in your tracks.

Oftentimes we are stopped before we even start, and this can be true no matter what “your best life” entails. You could want to lose weight, or start a business, move to a new area, write a book, change your career, or it can even be trying out a new hobby that you’ve always thought about and haven’t mustered up the willpower to give it a go.

It’s always someday, someday, someday. But the truth is, it will always be just “someday” if you don’t get off your feet, start taking action, and create that momentum.

So the key to creating that momentum is creating your vision. Arnold Schwarzenegger says that is how he accomplished all that he has. He created the vision then lives in it.

Because it all starts with a vision, it starts with a thought, right? Everything and anything. Yet the vision alone won’t necessarily be enough to get you into action.

Team Rich – The Power of the Micro Decisions

Big dreams and big visions can feel overwhelming, oftentimes to the point where people don’t want to start because the goal is so far away that it seems unmanageable or at least daunting.

This is especially true when we are learning something from step one. When we look at something we’ve never experienced before and have no idea how to comprehend all the complex pieces, it can be overwhelming.

Rich is all about breaking it down into small bites.

Instead of beating yourself up over a lack of action on the big stuff, he recommends taking it one step at a time.

If you’re standing on the landing of a staircase and your goal is to get to the next landing, you’re going to have to take a step. It may be one small single step, but it’s putting yourself in motion. You then can stop holding a grudge on yourself for staying in one spot, and you’re that much closer to your goal.

You may feel resistance, and that’s normal. We tend to feel that when things don’t make sense and we can’t see the clear picture. But when you take those small steps and you make those micro decisions, you start to see things more clearly, and instead of this big impossible thing looming before you, you start to realize, “Hey, I can do this!”

Then as you keep taking steps, you understand more, you gain momentum.

Once you’ve got that momentum going, the smaller tasks that require the action don’t seem as intimidating.

Team Natasha – The T.A.N. Philosophy

Then there are those who get better results from the Go Big or Go Home, and I’m one of them, but there’s a catch.

Sometimes I set my sights really high, and it gets hard to take action because it seems like such a big task, so I need to literally throw myself into action.

I set deadlines. Hard, non-negotiable deadlines where I implement focused energy. Take Action Now… T.A.N.

It’s immediate action, no turning back, no making excuses. And the biggest way to hold myself accountable is to have others hold me accountable as well by telling them what I’m about to do.

I shout it from the rooftops!

But truly, if you are letting people know what you are bringing to the world, you are more likely to follow through and do so in the time-frame you stated.

I tell my clients this, also. Take Action Now and let everyone know you are doing it. That way, they get excited so now not only are you avoiding letting yourself down you are also avoiding letting down everyone else that you told. They are looking forward to your big thing, your course or book or whatever your thing is. Now they want it and you are required to bring it to them.

It’s a pretty intense strategy but that’s what some of us need.

There are no excuses when it comes to real life implementation

Either strategy can get you up and into action, it depends on your personality. Trying either on for size can help you navigate which is a better strategy for you. Regardless of which is more suited for you, you need to get into action.

Sitting around and waiting isn’t getting you where you want to go.

Whether taking those incremental action steps works for you or catapulting into action by being held accountable, either way you’re going to be en route to your goals.

Test them out. Experiment. It’s going to be better than the day in, day out, wishing and hoping for things to change or the motivation to get moving.

You aren’t stuck. Once you realize you just need to make the decision, you can bust out these tools and work on making that vision a reality.

You did create the vision, right?.

No more standing by to prepare to get ready.

It’s GO-TIME, baby!

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