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A lot happened on our trip to the beach and we’ve got some pretty crazy stories.

While one involves me screaming, “Shark!!!” Another story is a mind-blowing example of one of the most powerful tools in designing your best life!

This unlikely lesson is one we will never, ever forget!

Richard, SHAAAARK!!

Picture Rich, out on a raft in the crystal waters of Florida, about 65-70 yards out. He’s just relaxing, enjoying life, then some crazy events begin to unfold closer to shore.

Rich’s fraternity brother was putting some squid in a crab trap when a guy calls out that there’s a shark next to him. Word traveled fast, and I look out at Rich, who is way out there, and yelled, “Richard, Shaaaaark!”

Well that led to complete pandemonium on the beach… and there’s Rich, on his bright green raft out in the distance trying to go the opposite direction of the shark. Just as he was paddling his way closer to shore, the shark changed direction and headed right at him, going almost directly under his raft just a few feet away!

Luckily the shark (or perhaps very large fish, we can’t be certain) wasn’t interested in Rich.

Two smaller lessons learned in hindsight… a crab trap filled with squid may not be the best idea in a swimming area in the ocean, and screaming “shark” escalates the chaos!

Another Day, Another Lesson

On another day of our trip, Rich decided since he always wanted to try the stand up paddle board, he’d give it a go. So when there were some rolling waves, not calm but not too crazy, he went out past the sandbar, assuming this was going to be pretty easy.

He was paddling on his knees (one which was already hurt and swollen) and when the water was deep enough he tried to stand up, instantly falling headfirst into the water. His Ray Bans on his head were lost immediately.

They were nowhere in sight, and the paddleboard was making its way back to shore, so Rich came in, sans sunglasses.

He knew I wouldn’t be thrilled about it, but I was rather baffled. From what I’ve seen, paddle boarding in a lake isn’t easy, let alone in the ocean. Especially your first time… without instruction. But Rich must have expected to make it through unscathed, considering the sunglasses with nothing to secure them to his head.

We decided to go out and float around on a raft. “Where’s the last place you saw your glasses?” I asked him, mostly jokingly, because it’s the ocean. The odds of finding them were not good.

Even so, we went in the direction he thought he may have lost them, thinking maybe, just maybe, since the water was so clear perhaps we’d find them. We searched for a bit then Rich, bummed about not having sunglasses on the trip, declared that he was going to manifest a pair. “Yours or better!” I told him. He agreed and we forgot about it.

The Power of Manifestation

The conversation drifted away from the glasses as we floated around with the waves. By this time it was a good half hour or so since Rich had lost them. The raft turned us around to face the ocean and I looked down, and there’s his glasses! About 75 yards out from shore, 6 feet deep in the water, there they were sticking up in the sand.

We couldn’t stop thinking about the improbability of it. It’s not as though they fell off his head and he found them seconds later. He literally came back to shore, and a bit later we went back out to the water, not even sure of where he actually had fallen.

What were the chances of us finding them? It wasn’t impossible, but definitely improbable.

That’s the power of manifesting. You need to release the HOW.

Most people wouldn’t think to go do something else for half an hour then come back and look. They’d chalk it up to a loss.

Rich believed he’d find some sunglasses. Not necessarily his, but wouldn’t ya know it, just minutes after he announced it, he was holding his glasses in his hand.

The Secret Sauce

So what’s the secret sauce? Manifestation is powered by belief. You can’t be worried about the how, you just need to know.

The how doesn’t need to be at the forefront of your mind. A big factor in manifesting is to release your obsession with the outcome.

In Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” he explains the importance of having definiteness of purpose combined with a white hot desire, and holding those in place together for things that seem unexpected to occur.

We’ve seen that having white hot desire and definiteness of purpose helps things come together. But again, don’t confuse this with obsession. Obsession brings in doubt, and that can have the opposite effect and cause you to repel what you are trying to manifest.

It’s a story we’ll always remember. A divine wink, because amazing things can happen that you don’t expect. You can manifest even the most improbable desires of your heart.

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