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Many people want a first class life, but are oftentimes intimidated by the phrase. Their thoughts immediately turn to their current bank account.

The great news is, upgrading your lifestyle doesn’t take massive amounts of cash. In fact, it’s something much different.

It’s time to learn the tools and make the shifts so you can start living your First Class Life now!

Living a First Class Life

When you think of living a first class life, what comes to mind? What kind of changes to your habits, thoughts or surroundings can contribute to a first class life?

Just like other changes, it has to start from within.

Changing your mindset will allow more of what you desire to flow into your life. With a mindset shift, you can literally attract more and more of these things, gaining momentum and moving closer and closer to the life you desire.

I didn’t always understand this concept. In fact, it was quite the opposite! I equivalated a first class life with splurging and spending a lot of money.

Then, I learned a very valuable lesson at the dinner table one night.

A lesson taught by my husband… and a menu

Rich and I took a trip to one of our absolute favorite places, Sun Valley, Idaho.

We were on a mission to anchor in the concept of living a first class life.

At dinner one evening, I was looking over the menu, checking out the selection and prices, telling myself that just because we were at this beautiful restaurant didn’t mean we needed to go “all out.”

Then Rich goes and orders not only numerous appetizers, but the most expensive thing on the entire menu, as well.

I wasn’t thrilled with him at the moment, and we both remember it well.

To me, it felt extreme at the time.

To Rich, well he was just ordering what he actually wanted.

It hit me that this was what was anchored into me. I’d always look for the least expensive things on the menu and choose from that. It had been that way my entire life and now even when paying for my own meals, I was programmed to still do the same.

I realized how great it would feel to look at that menu and choose what I wanted, not just what I felt I deserved or could have.

Rich showed me the importance of experiencing a first class life, not just simply thinking about it.

Living the Experience

There is an incredible feeling in putting yourself in the position to have and do the things you want, even when starting on a small scale.

Ordering your favorite thing from the menu is just one example. If there’s a car that you want to have, go test drive it. See what it feels like to sit in the driver’s seat. Take a photo of yourself in it. Do whatever will help you to anchor in the feeling.

You can find ways to upgrade your life. Even small incremental changes can make a big difference.

It doesn’t need to be materialistic, either.

Setting up your home in a way that makes you feel good can cost very minimal money yet allow you to get on the vibrational frequency of the life you want.

Clearing out clutter in your home or knocking off the things that keep getting pushed to the bottom of your to-do list can stop them from weighing you down and help you get on the path to your first class life.

What does it take?

We recently asked what they feel a first class life consists of and the top answer we received was, “Having a team.”

A huge part of feeling First Class is not taking on “all the things” by yourself. Many of us refrain from asking for help or delegating tasks to others, and end up feeling the weight and exhaustion throughout the day.

Allowing someone to run errands for you or do your grocery shopping, or even come clean your house even once in a while can bring about a huge shift in your life.

Oftentimes we hesitate to hire others to help us, not realizing that by allowing them to serve us with their gifts we are blessing them and their families with that money in exchange, therefore helping them to live their best lives.

The tiniest investments can anchor in the mindset of a first class life. Even if you start with something as simple as buying yourself flowers for your table. Committing to doing something first-class for yourself each day will allow you to bring more and more into your life.

Recognizing these as they come allows you to show gratitude and enjoy the moments of the journey towards and within your first class life.

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