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Thoughts have immense power. We often let the chatter in our head take over our day, which can eventually take over our life.

If your negative thoughts are controlling you, there is good news! You can flip the switch on that chatter and we are going to tell you how to do it.

It’s time to stop negative thoughts from stealing away precious moments. Life is much too short to waste on the negativity!

It’s a Perspective Game

When you develop more and more good habits, it compounds success. So what happens when the opposite occurs? When we start “Stress Stacking,” as Rich calls it, and recognizing everything that is going wrong, we end up completely focusing on all the negative as though the good things don’t exist. You can be surrounded by beautiful and awesome things in your life, but you’re not seeing it, and that can take a toll on all aspects of your life.

The negative thoughts pull you down into a vortex. Yet, keeping yourself from falling into that trap in the first place can make a world of difference. It’s all about perspective.

When the twins were born, I had preeclampsia and an emergency c-section. Right after that, I had a sudden outbreak of cold sores. Then I had to stay in the hospital longer because our daughter was quarantined with a fever. Once I was discharged, I ended up being rushed back to the ER with fluid around my lungs and skyrocketed blood pressure. After I got home, it was our daughter’s turn to go to the ER from a playground accident at school.

A lot went on those first few days after the twins were born. Many people would immediately jump to, “Oh, I’m so sorry. That sounds so hard. You’ve gone through so much,” or stacking up all the negative things that happened in that short duration of time.

But there were Rich and I, thinking, “Our life is amazing!” We just added our beautiful, healthy twin boys to our family, we have our incredible daughter that we always wanted, our business was rocking and we were helping thousands of people transform their lives and achieve their goals.

This is a life we designed. The bad stuff, sure it can sound pretty heavy when you stack it up like that. But we believe in the perspective of looking at the overall picture, and the overall picture is amazing!

We are proud to have had that mindset shift and not allow ourselves to stress stack during such a momentous occasion for our family.

You only live in each moment one time. Why allow a negative perspective to steal the light from it?

Don’t Just Watch Your Words, Watch Your Thoughts!

The power of thought is tried and true. Even in Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” he says “Thoughts are things and powerful things at that.” Look around you. Everything began as a thought, so these thoughts are energy and vibration. (Which to be honest is something that I, and even Rich, once thought was nonsense. A deeper look into it changed everything for us!)

The key is: are your thoughts high vibration or low vibration? They have the power to determine what you are bringing into your life. Focusing on the misfortune and negativity is low vibe, therefore like a magnet you will attract even more of it to you. Focus on gratitude, positivity, happiness, and you’ll gravitate more of that into your life. Which of these cycles sounds better to you?

You’ll change the station on your radio to something you like, something that makes you feel good, right? Do the same thing with your thoughts.

Your energy is going to flow to what you focus on. Think of a certain color, it’s going to pop out at you. Focus on the car you want to drive, you’re more likely to notice them on the road and get that extra encouragement. Look around the house at all the things that bring you happiness and you’ll get more. Experiment with it and you’ll see the shift!

Knock Down the Stress Stack

You know now that stress stacking is not serving you, so it’s time to disassemble it. How?

Take a good look at your internal dialogue. Recognize the disempowering statements. There may be more of them than you realized. Something as simple as saying, “I don’t know” can move down your vibrational frequency. When you say you don’t know, you feel lack of knowledge, that you are without something, or less than and limited by your beliefs.

It’s YOUR script, so you can change it.

Asking better questions results in better answers. You can empower yourself and raise your vibrational frequency by reframing the question.

If you are constantly thinking and saying that you are stressed or overwhelmed, what happens? It increases. Like Rich pointed out to me, that serves me no purpose, it just keeps me in martyr or victim mode. So instead I ask myself what it would take to get some things off my plate, delegate some tasks and get rid of what isn’t even necessary. It will help you get back up on your high vibe playing field.

How do YOU want to feel?

How do you really want to feel? Focus on that. Some people like to use affirmations, and others, like us, choose to focus on what we want and the direction we want to go in. Even when you’re in situations that can be stressful, focusing on how you want to feel is key in feeling that way. Your brain will continue to look for what is going right, instead of what is going wrong. As you are climbing up the vibrational ladder, you are kicking the stress stack down.

Since you want to feel high-vibe, one important thing to note is to not ask “Why” questions. They tend to pull you down by turning your focus to the negativity.

Start taking notes on your thoughts and words. Remember that by flipping them to the positive side, you’ll start attracting more of the good. Trust that things are working for you, not against you. Expect the good, recognize it all, and show gratitude for those things as they amount. Keep your sights forward and not behind,

Also, make it a point to surround yourself with other high vibe people who feel the way you want to feel. High vibe loves the ripple effect!

They say actions speak louder than words, but thoughts can speak louder than them all because they are the start of everything.

Be the positive force and ready to welcome greatness into your life.

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