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You never know the ripple effect you can create or how one decision has the power to set you into the greatest motion of your life.

We’re about to introduce you to someone who not only helped me to design my best life, but who I helped to design her own best life as well.

If anyone packs a punch, this lady does! Meet Cristy “Code Red” Nickel who helps people “Take their life back!”

Two Paths Cross and Everything Changes

As retired professional boxer, entrepreneur and author of the Code Red Revolution, Cristy “Code Red” Nickel was a health coach and personal trainer who was receiving food stamps when I first walked in her door.

After hearing that Cristy was the hardcore nutrition coach that helped a friend of mine lose 60 lbs in 6 months, I knew she was the perfect person to help me shed the 55 pounds I needed to lose to get healthy!

(I was convinced she could scare the pounds off of me!  😂)

Little did I know that when I walked into her office that morning, that it was Cristy’s 40th birthday and she was miserable in her tiny office, with a great product but without the know-how of marketing and reaching all the people who needed her.

She was playing small.

It was time for big change, for both of us. Her 40th birthday was the day it all began.

Cristy had an effective program that helped me so much in that first month. I felt that the service she was providing was so incredible but she was undercharging to the point I had to open my mouth!

I was benefiting from what she was helping me with and now it was her turn to benefit from my business advice.

After tripling her income in the first month, she was open to the bigger ideas. These ideas were a huge step of blind faith on Cristy’s part, but she knew her product was great and knew she needed guidance in order to help others in a bigger way.

She believed there was more out there, she just didn’t know what it would look like yet and even though she was filled with fear and had wavering confidence, she was carried by the vision and confidence that I had in her.

We developed a friendship and business relationship based on respect, trust, and determination to help others.

Cristy’s Impact – A Ripple Effect Making Big Waves

Cristy’s Impact is reaching farther than she even realizes. She has helped over 46,000 people take their life back and design a life that they love. Those people are now healthier and more confident and determined to make their mark in the world.

She understands the fear because she’s been there. She knows what it takes to step out in faith, to transform your way of thinking and your life overall, to put trust in someone else to guide you.

Yet, she has a no nonsense way of getting you up and into action so that you can be a stronger, healthier and more confident individual..

Reclaiming Your Health

Code Red helps people to reclaim their health, vitality and sense of self.  As Cristy says, “it’s not rocket science.”

It’s simple and easy to understand once you decide to take action and when you are held accountable by people who know traveled that road, and are eager to support you in a very real and honest way.

I asked Cristy to give us 3 things that you can do in the next 48 hours to get out of your rut and start designing your best life.

She says the number one thing is to drink your water. It’s a ridiculously small action that has big lasting effects. It’s literally a ripple effect, once you start drinking more water it crowds out the other crap you are doing that makes you feel sick.

Also, get more sleep! A little less screen time and more rest goes a long way. If you’re a mom,  stop being a Mommy martyr. You don’t need to sacrifice your sleep to keep checking on the kids. You need sleep. You’re doing better for your kids if you are rested and healthy!

Throw out the random crap in your pantry that you know you shouldn’t be eating. It’s going to help you regain control and level up.

Try those things over the next two days and see how you feel!

Basic things can make a huge impact in your life. Sure, it takes discipline, a better way of thinking, and steps to stop putting garbage in your head and in your body, but by following Cristy’s advice, you can reach your goals and live a happier and healthier life!

Fortune Favors the Bold

Action takers achieve results. Cristy learned that the day she realized she didn’t want to wait any longer to do more and be more. She recognized that I knew what I was talking about and decided it was time to get out of poverty and into a new life. She is all about implementing now, no more waiting around.

So many people are held back by their emotional hang ups and fears, but the recipe for success is all about finding the people who have done what you want to do and taking their advice.

Cristy now helps people lose weight on a larger scale, going from working with others one on one just a few years ago to helping large numbers of people around the world radically transform their health and lifestyle at the same time.

Your Next Step

In order for you to design and live your best life, you need to be healthy. You need the energy and the confidence to go after your goals. It’s a process and it’s a lifestyle.

Ready to reclaim your health?  You can try out the Code Red Lifestyle by joining the next 10 Pound Takedown here.

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