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Have you ever heard that thoughts are powerful things? Does that sound outrageous?/

If you think so, you’re not alone. I was even skeptical at first.

However, the power of intention can change your life. While Rich and I have different takes on it, we both know that it’s helped us on our journey and can help you in yours!

The Power of Thoughts!?

How can a thought DO anything? It’s just a thought, right?

In the words of Napoleon Hill, “Thoughts are things and powerful things at that.” But when I first heard this concept, my lawyer-brain thought it was complete BS.

How could intention or a thought have actual power? As unbelievable as it sounds, it’s true.

For those who are skeptical, there’s an explanation by Tony Robbins regarding the Reticular Activating System. Say you buy a certain type of car, or really want that particular car, you start seeing them everywhere.

Did all these people suddenly purchase that car, or did you just start noticing them more? Your brain is filtering out what is important to YOU. It’s recognizing what you are focusing on.

Perhaps it’s a less “hard to believe” way of looking at it. If you set an intention and you hold strong to what that intention is, you are going to recognize the opportunities in front of you as they appear in ways that you wouldn’t have before.

It’s the same way you recognize connections between people or things because you are aware of them or how when you hold in your mind what you want, it seems like you’re like attracting them though it may just be that you’re actually recognizing them at a more conscious level.

Story Time

Whether it’s coincidence or not, oftentimes the outcome of being intentional can be rather mind-blowing.

When Rich and his buddies planned to celebrate a birthday by going to the Horse Track in Hot Springs, Rich knew he’d be late. He estimated he’d get there around the 6th race on the first day, so threw it out there that the Fifth Horse in the Sixth race would win.

He kept saying it over and over every time he talked to his friend leading up to that race.

Wouldn’t you know it, Rich showed up just in time for the sixth race and guess which horse won? The fifth horse!

Coincidence, maybe, but it made for one hell of a story.

More than Science

I believe there’s more to the power of intention than science. There’s a new layer, a new dimension that can actually help you defy the odds.

Years ago, I set a big intention. I stated that I’d be on the stage speaking at Funnel Hacking Live. I held fast to that intention for years.

I also set the intention to get pregnant.

Both ended up happening at the same time! Two days after finding out I was pregnant with twins, Russel Brunson asked me to speak at his upcoming Funnel Hacking Live, and I was due just one week after the event.

It was to take place in Nashville, which is where we were about to move.

I knew it was divinely orchestrated. The one and only place in the world that I’d be able to actually bring this goal to fruition, and that’s where it was being held.

I sought medical advice about it, and my intention was met with laughter on several occasions, even by other twin mamas that I spoke with.

Still, I promised to speak on that stage and I held fast to my intention with every ounce of my being.

And I made it! I then gave birth to our twin boys 72 hours later.

That’s the power of intention. You can defy the odds, and you don’t even need to know the “how.”

The Simplicity of Intention

It can be much simpler than it seems. If you release the how, you can come up with the vision and commitment.

The intention doesn’t require a ton of effort or obsession. In fact, that just invites desperation and disbelief.

Just keep on moving in the direction of your intention. As the Amish say, “Pray and move your feet.”

Feel and know it’s going to happen. Fuel it with the power of belief and positive expectation to have the highest vibrating emotions.

When we did our first live event, we were hoping for one or two people to take us up on our offer. We didn’t know what a practical conversion rate would be, yet we made an intention to hit a certain amount..

We hit the number on the nose. It was unexpected from when you look at it from a numbers perspective, but with our intention, it seemed like it made perfect sense!

The Takeaway

Regardless of the explanation, whether you think it’s science or “woo,” does it even matter? If it’s working, it’s working.

It is said that you can look at someone’s life and see their thoughts and that we are living in the result of our decisions.

If intentions are powerful, then decide to intend good things. Take action regardless and put things into place to provide opportunities for these things to present themselves.

Practice the power of intention and see what happens in your life.

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