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Ever start your days feeling a bit scattered? Perhaps you are wondering if you’re going to be able to get all the things accomplished or wondering what to aim for first.

You can set yourself up for success with a daily plan that allows you to feel more balanced, less stressed, and get the very most out of each day!

Setting up for Success

During my morning reflection, I like to think about my upcoming day. Some days, especially this particular day, I was feeling scattered. There were so many things I felt I needed to accomplish that I was on the brink of that dreaded “O” word, that I don’t like to even think, let alone say!


Many of us feel it, sometimes quite often. I sure don’t like it, and I can bet you don’t either.

I know that my current state of feeling scattered meant I wasn’t being disciplined or as intentional as I could be. So what could I do moving forward to change that?

So as I contemplated how to get out of that feeling, it hit me!

The Million Dollar Day!

I sat there and thought, “If I was completely in control and in charge of my day, entirely present and purposeful, what would that consist of?”

I began to work on it from there.

A Similar Conclusion

At the same time that these thoughts were coming to me, Rich was having a similar realization from the book he was reading.

He said it reminded him to create a vision, because everything you are doing and thinking now is designing your future life.

The book compared us to magnets. We walk through life as magnets, either drawing in or repelling what we want. We have the ability to pull things in by our vision, thoughts, words, and by truly living it.

However, the opposite is also true. We can also bring in what we don’t want because of our negative thoughts and feelings.

He said we need to stay intentional and disciplined with our thoughts so we’re pulling in what we do want each day.

Tying It In

So how to stay intentional and disciplined?

Make time for the different things that you want. If it’s exercise, block out time for it. It may be reading and learning, or it may be more family time. What you make time for will expand because you are bringing in more by being the best version of yourself.

It’ a snowball effect. The more regularly you are disciplined in making time for these areas of your life, it’s going to grow, and continue growing.

Sure, it’s much simpler to not be disciplined. Going with the flow is easy!

Taking the easy route isn’t likely to get us where we want to be in life. Neither is scatterbrain, overwhelm, or tons of stress.

It would be easier to push these things off, such as recording a podcast when there are numerous other things on our plate, but there is tremendous value in making the decision to be intentional about the day and taking the required steps.

That’s why we look at the commitment we’ve made and choose to demonstrate this life altering tool.

Jump Start Yourself

Taking that first action step might be hard, especially if you lost momentum.

Say you were in the habit of eating great, or had a good sleep schedule or work habits, until one day you just… didn’t.

Slip ups happen, but it can be very easy to just continue to slide down that hill.

You say you’ll do better and stick to it tomorrow… or the next day… and time passes and your momentum is completely gone and you need a jump start.

This is where Rich likes to remind us of RSA. “Ridiculously Small Actions”
(although TAN, “Take Action Now” can jump start you as well!)

Set your intentions. Focus on the things that you want to happen. Then take the first step.

Keep at it, one step at a time, even if it’s small.

By being intentional and making the decision to stay disciplined, this can compound and lead to phenomenal results!

The Million Dollar Day

When I realized that with all the “hats” I’m wearing… mom, wife, business owner, coach… my routine wasn’t setting me up for success as well as it could be.

So what’s my plan to jump start this?

I wrote down how many minutes I wanted to allot for each thing that day. An hour here, 30 minutes there, a few hours there… including 7 hours of sleep and some physical movement.

I made sure all the bases were covered, so I could have my Million Dollar Day.

But guess what? When I did the math, it left me with EXTRA time in the day!

People often say, “There aren’t enough hours in a day!”

Well, when I omitted the needless scrolling on social media, or time letting my thoughts wander needlessly, there was more than enough time! Surprising, I know!

Discipline is important.

Stay on target. Focus on what you want.

If doubt or anxiousness creep in, don’t let that throw you off track, just release it and go back to positive focus. Recalibrate your thinking.

Ask yourself, “What would it take to…?”

Fill in the blank.

We’re not asking you to look millions of steps in front of you.

Look at what it would take and then take action on that next thing on the list so you can cross it off. Build that forward momentum.

By designing your own Million Dollar Day, you aren’t just changing the course of  your day.

You’re changing the course of your life.

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