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When you’re faced with fear, it can be really scary to take that leap.

Yet, have you thought about all the opportunity, experiences, and connections that await on the other side of that barrier?

It’s time to bust through!

Anniversary of Breaking a Barrier

We just celebrated the 9-Year Anniversary of Breaking a huge fear barrier in my life. It was leaving my full time job as a practicing attorney and launching into this entrepreneurial journey full time with Rich.

People come up to me and say I was so certain and wonder why I wasn’t scared. I was, but even if you are scared, you need to feel the fear and do it anyway. I had to step out in faith and lean on my support system.

Rich says he didn’t feel fear at that time, but more so “uncertainty.”  It was a bit different for Rich, he had already dove all in to this entrepreneurial world, so he was thrilled to be embarking full time on this journey together and joining forces.

It was a lot of work and sometimes felt like we were moving slower than we actually were. It’s like kids growing up, you may not recognize how much your kids are growing and changing, but when a family member comes to visit and hasn’t seen them in awhile, they immediately notice the difference.

Opportunity Awaits You

Now every year at this time I reflect and am reminded of how much all the miracles and magic happen outside that comfort zone.

At least every week I’m doing something to step outside of that comfort zone and break a fear barrier. This is why I challenge you to do what scares you. Do the thing that must be done.

If variety and change make you uncomfortable, that’s probably a good sign. It may mean it’s exactly what you are meant to do.

Beyond that door, opportunity is awaiting on the other side of, “yes.”

I teach this in Unstoppable Influence and love providing the tools to help people. We understand there will likely be butterflies in your stomach, nausea, sweating, rapid heart beat. This just means you are at that fear barrier, about to break through if you choose to do so.

I do not allow fear to stop me. Fear can prevent you from realizing your potential. It obscures the amazingness behind it.

Who Do You Choose?

Choose yourself.

There’s also a book by that name that Rich read years ago, right around the same time we were in this transition.

Being around successful people who were talking about job insecurity in the corporate world, we believed our choice was safer for us than relying on a force outside of ourselves.

What others saw as an irresponsible decision, we viewed completely opposite.

The market crashed and everyone was on edge, questioning how long they would keep their job. We picked up and moved across the country rather than letting fear hold us back.

We created an amazing business and incredible friendships, and met contacts we wouldn’t have come across if we remained behind that fear barrier.

So Significant it’s in the Title

My book, Unstoppable Influence: Be You. Be Fearless. Transform Lives. points out that being fearless isn’t about not having fears, it’s feeling the fear and doing it anyway. We’ve witnessed the transformations of so many people within the Unstoppable Influence Community who have stepped out of their comfort zones and are growing and thriving in remarkable ways.

Just as one example, in our Author Program, several people have published their very first book. It’s such a fulfilling feeling, but there was fear involved. Baring your heart and soul in a book and being completely real and raw can be scary to put out in the world. Then all the comments of gratitude from people who resonated and appreciated the books helped the authors realize this is all because they broke that fear barrier.

Your Assignment

I want to challenge you here.

What has been placed on your heart to do?

It’s not random. Write it down. Set a deadline. Then, take the very first action step.

It’s time to hit that fear barrier, do it, and bust through it. Make sure to write down how it felt when you did.

One of my favorite quotes of all time is by Basil King, “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.”

Once you do, you are going to experience the amazingness that exists at the other side of that fear.

If you have doubts, take Rich’s suggestion- Think back to the 3 most incredible experiences of your life and think about how you got to that point where you were able to experience those, chances are you had to step out of your comfort zone.

If we look back at the highlight reel of our life, we can deconstruct and recognize all the times we needed to step through fear barriers. That right there will show you, yes, this is what I need to do to welcome even more incredible experiences into my life.

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